Six Impossible Things

Six Impossible Things

You can find me in Korea.

Japanese Maple by Clive James

Japanese Maple by Clive James


Your death, near now, is of an easy sort.                                                                                                                                                  So slow a fading out brings no real pain.                                                                                                                                       Breath growing short                …

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Just a bit of a disclaimer: From what I can remember of Cajun food, this place delivered. It’s been a while for me, even back in America I didn’t often eat Jambalaya or have seafood boils. It’s not a huge thing in Missouri. However, as a persnickety food person, this place was everything I hoped it to be.

I’ve been wanting to visit Pier 17 for over a year. I read a review and could never find anyone to go with me or had, for some reason, always chosen to go elsewhere instead. I made up my mind that before summer blissfully packed it’s bags on the way out the door I would visit this American soul food restaurant.

The awesome:

  1. The menu had the things I wanted to see. Poboys. Jambalaya. Gumbo. Seafood. I would have been happy if the menu just had those things.
  2. When I walked in the place smelled of Old Bay seasoning. That was what I think I first noticed. It just smelled right.
  3. There were many napkins to go around. I like that in a lady restaurant.
  4. The portion sizes are good and they have ingredients like cilantro, homemade butter and crawfish. Not a common sighting in Korea.
  5. The seafood was UNBELIEVABLY fresh. It was sweet, succulent; all those little eyes seemed alive they were so fresh. Sorry, little guys. :(

The “there’s always something to gripe about, although it’s not that big of a deal,” :

  1. The place could use some wet wipes for your hands and the bathroom needs a good scrub and a refill of soap.
  2. The popovers were too done, I couldn’t get into them like I wanted to.
  3. The “boil” wasn’t exactly a boil since it lacked potatoes, corn, sausage, a grittyish seasoning and it was set on ice. I can’t read the Korean so maybe they don’t describe this as an actual “boil” as we know it but more, “yeah, here’s some seafood that we boiled in water.” I actually did not mind a bit as every piece of seafood I had was cooked well and tasted like the ocean was right outside the door.
  4. In a real boil, they lay down newspaper or craft paper for the inevitable destruction and mutilation. We made a MESS. Well, I tried to keep it together but Phil made a mess (hehe). They need to do something about that, I’m afraid. And while the presentation of the seafood platter was incredible, it slipped and slid off of that mountain of ice over and over again. We lost a mussel in that crazy battle.
  5. We lost a mussel.  It was just like, gone. Forever.

So if you enjoy some seafood and you have some hungry friends, this is the place to park it! I loved it, actually, its a nice atmosphere and there are many choices for you!

Address: Sinsa dong 532-4, Seoul, Korea                                                                                                                                               Phone: 02-549-5324                                                                                                                                                                                   Directions: Starting from Garosugil Street (Apgujeong Station side), head away from Hyundai Department Store, towards the highway. Turn left onto the street between a Tom + Toms and a Shinwa Bank. Walk for one block. It’s right on a four way stop. It’s on the second floor.

Pier 17 |A Review| Just a bit of a disclaimer: From what I can remember of Cajun food, this place delivered.  Comments

I didn’t set out to do a Frenchie day but that’s what happened this weekend. Once I pieced it all together I was quite proud of myself for accidentally being awesome.

My friend, Phil, and I headed first to Seoul’s French Village, Seorae. We had no intention of eating French food, we were there for an American Burger. (See proof here.) But, since we were in the neighborhood, we decided that our dessert could be very French indeed.

We stopped at Hotel Douce (Hotel Sweet). It is pretty damn adorable. Incidentally, Hotel Douce is the bakery for L’ecole Douce (Sweet School. hah…so awesome) which is a French baking school located around the same area.  Want to try your hand at learning to bake some French delights? Read all about it here.

My eclair was a bit overdone, I must admit, but the cream was divine. The mille-feuille (or Napoleon) had a wonderful cream was well.

Hours: 11a to 9p
Address: Dasom Building, Banpo-dong 90-10, 1st floor, Seocho District
Tel: (02) 595-5705

And then we were stuffed and off the the National Museum of Korea where there was one last day for the exhibit: Beyond Impressionism, Masterpieces from the Muse d’Orsay. There were 175 works, the largest amount D’Orsey has ever lent out, from the museum, which was amazing, and the place was popping.  You can read more about it here.

For a treat, I let my pictures do the talking!

As I couldn’t take pictures I’d like to show you a sample of what we saw.

And after  a long and exhausting fight through 10000000 people and their children (Why? WHY do you bring children to grown up art exhibits, Korea? Let me tell you how much kids like Impressionists. ________(croaking frogs)__________. That much.) we made our way out of the museum and found a cute little gypsy music band playing music that sounded straight out of a Woody Allen movie!  You can learn more about them here!

You can hear them here!

Thanks for staying through to the end! Funny enough, after this we went for dinner at a Louisiana Creole restaurant (more French!) but I will save that for a complete blog post to itself.

An Accidental French Day |In Seoul| I didn’t set out to do a Frenchie day but that’s what happened this weekend. Once I pieced it all together I was quite proud of myself for accidentally being awesome. Comments

I am probably 1 1/2 years late in reviewing this place. This is the cat’s pajamas. The bees knees. The whatever of foodie meccas in Seoul. Errrrbody loves Brooklyn. There are hundreds thousands millions of reviews online (big ones, small ones, itsy bitsy blurbs) about the holy grail of burgers in Seoul. But, this was my first ever visit so the world is getting one more review. :D

It seats 22 people. You must wait to enter. It’s located in the French section of Seoul, Seorae, for some reason. If there wasn’t a line outside you’d probably walk by it the first time.But, it is just what a burger lover needs, as we run low on grease and cheese coursing our veins,  and it is worth any obstacles that required hurdling to get one of these burgers.

Let me break this down a bit. Here is why Brooklyn is the creme de la creme of burger restaurants in Seoul:

  1. They make their fries from real potatoes. These aren’t some Orida, or Korean equivalent,  bullshit. These are the real deal. They’re cooked in what tastes like nut oil, giving them a delicious, crispy taste.  They honestly give you too many. Between two of us we couldn’t finish. Wha??
  2. The burgers are cooked medium well as the standard. I’ve already complained in reviews past that the “American” style burgers I’ve had in Korea are generally dry and tasteless. If they’re not dry, they taste almost like a meatloaf as I assume there are additives of bread or breadcrumbs. It’s not authentic and it doesn’t taste that great. These are all meat, pure beef, and cooked to a perfect pink which means its retained juice. And juice means flavor.
  3. The taste of everything is wonderful and fresh. The strawberry milkshake, which I only sampled, tasted like real strawberries. The horseradish mayo on the C.R.E.A.M. burger was amazing and the toasted, buttered buns were legendary.
  4. The cheese is real, at least on what we ordered. It wasn’t some processed garbage (which is actually quite American style but I hate that).
  5. The pickles are dill and I ate all of them!  No sweet pickles at this place, my friends!
  6. Full napkins. Let me repeat, FULL NAPKINS.

Check it out. Don’t be late or you’ll be waiting like your visiting a doctor in the States.  It’s a bit difficult to navigate through the maze that is Seorae. Plug it into Google maps. You should be good.

  • Hours: 11:30a-9:30p, Closed on Mondays
  • 551-32 1F Banpo-Dong Seocho-Gu Seoul
    Phone: 02-533-7180
Brooklyn: the burger joint |A Review| I am probably 1 1/2 years late in reviewing this place. This is the cat’s pajamas. The bees knees. Comments

Favorite BBQ Place |Renovated|

Favorite BBQ Place |Renovated|


Mapo Galbi 마포갈비 got all done up!

There are two amazing pork rib BBQ joints down the street from me. They stand opposite each other, facing each other like mortal enemies. Well, my favorite one, Mapo Galbi, 마포갈비,  just got a leg up on the other this month when it debuted all shiny and new after renovations.

I, of course, was first concerned about the renovations from a very old, run down, but…

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I’m not exaggerating to say that Jeju Island has the wackiest, strangest, most random museums bunched together in one place in the whole, entire world. It seems to entice people to visit this once isolated, tropical island was to pop up some wierdo museum in hopes of squeezing tourists out of their money and away from the beaches. I really don’t get it. I know Koreans aren’t one for sunbathing but these museums have nothing to do with the island. The only reason I agreed to go to so many was mainly because it was either raining or I thought it would be a nice respite from the heat.

Not that I didn’t have fun. I had fun. I just would have preferred some of their more relative museums like the O’Sollac Tea Museum, The Jeju Chocolate Museum, the Botanical Gardens or an art museum. But, my friend likes wacky, so we did wacky. Life is about compromise, right?

We visited:

The Body Museum

No pictures unless you are in certain spots. No pictures of the bodies.

The Alive Museum

Covered in tourists, very hard to take pictures. Not my favorite place in the world.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum

Pretty interesting place and I did feel like I learned some things. Like how to shrink heads. I think I could do it.

And there are many, many more on the island, including but not limited to: Hello Kitty Museum, Sex Sculpture Park (Loveland),  Teddy Bear Museum, Miniland (Where everything is miniature),  World Automobile Museum, Psycheworld  (butterflies and magic mirrors) and other randomness.  I told my friends that if I lived on Jeju I would make it my mission to visit every single one of these monstrosities. I mean it.

Jeju Island |Home of the Random Museums| I’m not exaggerating to say that Jeju Island has the wackiest, strangest, most random museums bunched together in one place in the whole, entire world. Comments

Frozen Foam Beer |A Review|

Frozen Foam Beer |A Review|


I probably would not have done a review of this fantabulous summertime treat but I see it popping up all over my Seoul neighborhood and I wanted to encourage you to try it. I had this bad boy on the last night of my Jeju vacation. I might have had a couple, I can’t remember. I wanted something cold and refreshing and this just sounded weird enough for me. 

So…what is it?

It is regular beer with a…

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Websites + Apps for Korealand Survival

Websites + Apps for Korealand Survival


I don’t do many (none) “lists for living in Korea,”  type of blog posts but had the inkling to do it when I basically wanted to share my fabulous Netflix taste. I mean, I’m not going to include the documentary I watched about buying a Russian bride (for science)  or how I sat for some hours to re-watch all of a childhood sitcom, Dinosaurs(also for science). I’m just going to tell you about the…

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